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Use Calldaddy´s voice broadcasting to drive new business. Upload a list of contacts and call them to offer a simple press-1 option. The contacts are then directly connected to your business. Schedule campaigns at the best times for your contacts.

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Create press-1 option questionaire.

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Create campaign and schedule it.

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Cost Effective

Voice broadcasting is not at all expensive. In fact, if used as a marketing tool, the subscription price has the potential to be more than matched by your increase in revenue. Broadcasting service providers offer one of the most cost effective methods for a business owner to save time and stay in touch.

Improved Productivity

You will have a lot of extra time to focus on your business once you have voice broadcasting in place. By not having to make multiple phone calls or spend hours on marketing plans you can put that effort towards other important aspects of your business. This is a time saving tool that will become invaluable to the busy business owner.

Brand Building

By reaching out to leads and existing customers with voice broadcasting you can increase your brand’s presence dramatically. The ability to reach hundreds of individuals and talk about your company, either with a voice or text message, gives you endless opportunities to make your brand better known. With an added mass marketing feature as a part of your voice messaging service, you can invite customers to opt in to your brand. This enables you to send them information about your company, coupons to shop with and incentives to share your brand with friends to further increase your visibility.

Increased Sales

With the ability to build your brand will come an increase in your sales. Voice broadcasting is an excellent marketing tool that is being used by business owners in all kinds of industries and fields. From service providers like Real estate agencies, HR agencies, Marketing agencies to Travel agencies and Online stores, business owners are seeing a substantial increase in the amount of money they can make. Using voice broadcasting as a marketing tool does not involve extensive work on your part, other than coming up with creative ways to encourage customers to buy your products or come to your location.

Multiple Options

These types of communication systems give the user a range of options in messaging. You choose who it is sent to, and the format that is to be used. You may even have the option of a back-up email being sent to the recipient to guarantee that they have seen or heard the original message.


When you are sending a custom voice message recording , it adds a personal touch that you don’t see in many businesses anymore and this makes you stand out from the crowd.


Voice broadcasting is suitable for all types of business structures, the system will easily adapt to meet your mass communication needs.

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